Refreshing and Rejuvenating Summer Spa Specials at Château du Sureau

Summer Spa Specials at Château du Sureau

Picture yourself amid lush greenery, the faint scent of lavender and rosemary wafting in the air, the sound of a soft breeze rustling through the trees, and the sweet serenity of nature at your fingertips. This is not just a dream; it’s a reality awaiting you at the Château du Sureau, a 5-star hotel near Yosemite National Park. This summer, indulge in the captivating charm of the estate and enjoy the refreshing and rejuvenating summer spa specials offered at our onsite spa, an oasis designed to help you unwind and recharge.

The Spa at the Estate, affectionately known as Spa du Sureau, is an intimate retreat nestled in the Estate. Here, every detail is carefully curated to create a sanctuary of tranquility and peace, offering a wide array of treatments designed to invigorate the body, soothe the mind, and enliven the spirit.

From the moment you step foot in our haven of relaxation, our experienced therapists and estheticians will guide you on a transformative journey, beginning with a personalized consultation to ensure the most beneficial treatment for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a deep-tissue massage to relieve tension, a revitalizing facial to restore your skin’s natural glow, or a full body scrub to remove dead skin cells and refresh your complexion, we have the perfect treatment for you.

This summer, the Spa du Sureau is delighted to introduce our Summer Spa Retreats, a series of unique spa treatments that celebrate the season’s vibrant energy and refreshing spirit.

Our signature summer special is the Summer Glow Body Polish. This 1 hour session is a slip into a blissful state of mind with the uplifting and refreshing scent of lemongrass. Warm compresses are applied to the skin in preparation for an energizing citrus body scrub. A warm application of hydrating body butter is lightly massaged into the skin to conclude this decadent treatment. This treatment will leave your skin silky smooth and glowing and will help restore your skin’s natural glow, leaving you with a healthy, youthful look.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, we highly recommend The Elderberry Experience. This three and a half hours package includes a wildly abundant in powerful antioxidants, the Elderberry plant is known throughout the world for it’s benefits to restore and balance cellular function, while boosting the immune system. Immerse into a luxurious aromatherapy bath infused with fresh Elderberry blossom and botanicals followed by our signature Elderberry buff. You are then enveloped sweetly in an Elderberry Cream Elixir to nourish and hydrate the skin while you rest. Awaken to a refreshing hydrostorm experience followed by a full body 90-minute Classic massage.

At Château du Sureau, we believe that true rejuvenation comes not just from excellent spa treatments but also from the experiences that surround them. As such, we are a hotel near Yosemite National Park, making us the perfect base for exploring the wonders of this world-renowned natural haven. So why not couple your spa day with an exploration of the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Yosemite, or simply relax and unwind in the peaceful environs of our manicured gardens and enjoy the panoramic views.

To make the most of your visit, we are pleased to introduce our enticing summer offers that will add value to your stay. Discover the magic of Yosemite with our ‘Yosemite Adventure Package’, which includes a luxury two-night stay, breakfast, and private tours of Yosemite National Park. Or opt for the ‘Estate’s Romance Package’, perfect for those who want to combine relaxation and romance, which includes a two-night stay, dinner at Elderberry House Restaurant, and a couple’s spa treatment.

Château du Sureau

A stay at Château du Sureau this summer is not just a holiday but a holistic experience that harmonizes the body, mind, and soul. We invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of our estate, savor the exquisite cuisine of the Elderberry House Restaurant, explore the majestic grandeur of Yosemite National Park, and indulge in the refreshing and rejuvenating treatments at our spa.

Come and experience the ultimate in luxury and relaxation with our Summer Spa Specials. Embrace the healing power of nature, breathe in the fresh mountain air, listen to the soothing sounds of nature, and let our professional therapists nurture your body and mind with treatments designed to refresh, rejuvenate, and restore.

With the summer sun illuminating the estate in a warm, golden glow, there is no better time to treat yourself to a spa getaway at Château du Sureau. Whether you’re planning a weekend retreat or a longer stay, our Summer Spa Specials and our enticing summer offers provide a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, catering to all your vacation needs.

So why wait? Make your booking now and treat yourself to a blissful escape in the heart of nature at Château du Sureau. You will return home not just rejuvenated but with a revitalized appreciation for the serene beauty of Yosemite and the charming luxury of our 5-star hotel. Let the Château du Sureau be your haven of tranquility and wellness this summer. We look forward to welcoming you to our haven of rejuvenation, relaxation, and luxury.

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