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Strawberry Salad

strawberry, tarragon, rouge et noir brie, sauternes vinaigrette


  • 4 oz. triple cream brie from an 8 oz. wheel preferably, fairly young, not too ripe
  • 12 ripe strawberries
  • 4 sprigs tarragon, leaves chopped
  • 6 oz. spring greens mixture of lettuces, washed and dried
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tbl honey
  • ½ cup sauternes wine
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 4 leaves mint, chopped

Wash strawberries. If refrigerated let sit out to come to room temperature before serving. Take 4 strawberries and square them off and cut into a small dice, reserve the scraps. Whisk together juice of the ½ orange, ½ lemon, ¼ cup sauternes, 1 tbl honey, chopped mint, ½ the tarragon. Toss with the diced strawberries with this marinade. Place the scraps of the strawberries and 2 more strawberries in the blender with 1 tbl honey and juice of ½ lemon. Puree until smooth. Slice remaining six strawberries. For the vinaigrette, whisk together, ¼ cup sauternes, ¼ cup olive oil, juice of ½ orange, salt and pepper. Slice the brie into twelve wedges.

To Serve
Drizzle a ring on the plates of the strawberry sauce. Place 2 wedges brie on each plate overlapping. Top the brie with the marinated diced strawberry. On one side of the plate fan out half a strawberry and the other half near the cheese. Toss the greens in the vinaigrette and season with salt and pepper. Place in the greens in the middle of the plate.