Elderberry Harvest

Elderberry Harvest Dinner

    Harvest Dinner 2023

    Join us for an exclusive Harvest Dinner, a celebration of our incredible local community of farmers that enable us to create such exquisite meal. Prepare to be captivated by the stories behind the ingredients, the passion that drives our culinary team, and the dedication that fuels our local farmers.

    Our culinary team will showcase the bountiful offerings of the three of our favorite farms, Kern Family Farm, Ma’o Organic Farm, and Garcia Farms. Dinner will be hosted at a communal table that will lend itself to an unforgettable dining experience. As you gather around this shared table, you’ll have the unique opportunity to personally connect with the dedicated farmers who nurtured the ingredients and the talented chefs who transformed them into culinary masterpieces.

    Our carefully curated menu pays homage to the rich harvest of the 3 Great Farms. Each dish will be a testament to the commitment to quality and sustainability that both the farmers and our chefs hold dear. To elevate your dining experience, we have collaborated with Coquelicot Estate to present an organic wine pairing that perfectly complements the flavors on your plate.

    As you raise your glass, you’ll be toasting to the spirit of collaboration that has made this evening possible. The Harvest Dinner is more than a meal – it’s a connection forged over a shared appreciation for food, community, and the beauty of the land. Reserve your seat at the table and join us in celebrating the harvest in true culinary style.