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Le Cellar Bar

Our Dining Room and Cellar Bar are closed until further notice - please see our Curb Side Take-Out Menu!

Please order by calling (559)683-6800 or Email 
Orders can be placed from 9am-6pm – Monday through Saturday.

Cash and Card accepted however,  credit card transactions must be phoned to ensure we take property health and safety measures. All orders may be picked up between 2pm-7pm at the front of Elderberry House Restaurant. Kindly know we are closed on Sundays.  Thank you for your support thus we encourage you to enjoy the time that has been given to us.

Shopping List

One Pound Unsalted Butter– 5

One Dozen Free Range Chicken Eggs – 5

Quart Organic Chicken Bone Broth– 10

Elderberry House Sour Dough Starter – 1

Five Pounds Organic All Purpose Flour– 6

Five Pounds Organic Whole Wheat Flour– 6

Two Pounds Organic White Rice– 6

One Pound Organic Brown Rice– 6

One Pound Organic White Sugar– 5

One Pounds Brown Sugar– 5

One Pound Powder Sugar– 5

One Pound Corn Starch –  4

Half Pound Brie Cheese– 6

Two Pounds Dry Penne Pasta– 5

One Ounce Dry Active Yeast– 1

One Pound Oatmeal– 6

Apple Juice– 7

Cranberry Juice– 7

One Pound Cookie Dough– 6

DIY Carrot Ginger Soup Kit (Recipe Online) – 10

Five Pounds Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables– 10

(New) One Pound Local Oyster Mushrooms – 10

Free Apple or Orange for the Kids– Free

Menu Carte


House Baked Bread Service– 6
sourdough bread, compound butter, maldon salt

Three Artisan Cheese– 15
brie, local goat cheese, blue cheese, fresh fruit, nuts, house made walnut bread

(New) Fresh Pita Bread with Tapenade Hummus– 8

Local Strawberry and Dairy Goddess Feta Salad – 7
aged balsamic, seasonal vegetable, candied walnut

Steak and Roasted Bell Pepper Wrap– 14
seasoned beef, queso sauce, chimichurri

(New) Garden Pesto Chicken Wrap– 14
grilled vegetable, cherry tomato, pesto crème, ancient grains, spring greens (grilled mushroom -12)

Seasonal Soup Selection

Carrot Ginger Bisque – 7
with seed medley and coconut

Seafood Chowder – 7
with shrimp, scallop and salmon

 Asparagus Veloutè – 7
with white truffle and pimenton

Shared Entrées for TWO (to be shared with two people)

Family Style Vegetable Salad – 15
 local vegetables, crisp goat cheese, boiled egg

Local Mushroom Alfredo Pasta – 22
penne pasta, mushroom medley, parmesan, house made baguette (add chicken or duck – 25)

 Cast Iron Seared Shrimp and Grits– 27
 creamy polenta, bell pepper ragout, horseradish

(New) Herb Encrusted Chicken Piccata – 25
garlic potato, vegetable medley, lemon beurre blanc

(New) Soy and Ginger Glazed Salmon– 25
brown rice pilaf, stir fry vegetables, cilantro


Seasonal Berry Cobbler– 14
almond crumble, spiced chantilly, spring berry

Valrhona Chocolate Brownie – 12
salted caramel, spring berry, vanilla whip

Scoop du Jour – 4
chef’s sorbet or ice cream of the day

Coquelicot Wine List


Riesling, Los Olivos, Santa Ynez Valley 2017  – 45

Rosé, Los Olivos District, Santa Ynez Valley 2017 – 45

Sauvignon Blanc, Los Olivos District, Santa Ynez Valley 2017 – 45

Chardonnay, Los Olivos District, Santa Ynez Valley 2017 – 54



Syrah, Sixer, Los Olivos District, Santa Ynez Valley 2011 – 65

Sangiovese, Santa Ynez Valley 2011 – 58

Malbec, Santa Ynez Valley 2017 – 67

Bordeaux Blend, Mon Amour, Santa Ynez Valley 2011 – 75

Merlot, Santa Ynez Valley 2012 – 80

Cabernet Franc, Santa Ynez Valley 2012 – 80

Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Ynez Valley 2012 – 80

Guests are welcome to bring their own wine for a charge of $40 per 750ml bottle.